New Aromabio boutique is now open in Sherrington

Finally the new Aromabio boutique is now open in it’s new  location. Located in Saint-Patrice-De-Sherrington. The boutique is getting closer to the land . Located at 450 Saint-Patrice Street also identify as route 219.

The new location will allow us to grow our own flowers and plants. These plants are necessary for the preparation of the products offered in the wide range of Aromabio.

Offering its inhabitants a most harmonious environment, Sainte-Patrice-De-Sherrington is one of the municipalities of the Jardins-de-Napierville MRC. In an area close to the US border with parcel of land richest in organic soils. Major producers and exporters of vegetable products have settled in this typically agricultural locality. Production in greenhouses, ornamental plants, is done on a large scale and it is in Sherrington that we find the largest producer of African violets in Quebec.

In addition, Aromabio will be part of the Circuits des Paysan in 2017. An organization that promotes local artisans. To be a member, craftsmen and members must meet certain criteria that ensure a remarkable experience for each visit. You can find detail on the web at

In the first year we will start small-scale production of our essential oils. This will be made from plants and flowers that will grow on our Sherrington farmhouse.

We hope to meet you in great numbers this summer at the new Aromabio boutique.   This is to give a more complete and interesting customer experience in the country. A little resting space will be arranged for our visitors.

At the beginning of the year, Nathalie worked on a new product. Some of our customer were looking for a natural  laundry cleaner.

The result is conclusive and the product is finally available for purchase only in store at the moment.

We are also planing what will become our garden for the plants in the zone behind the barn.

Welcome to everyone in 2017.



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